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We are a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses harness the power of sustainable technology.

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At Aris Energy, our mission is to lead the renewable energy market by staying at the forefront of industry advancements and embracing the latest technologies. We are committed to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction through our continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

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Our personalized approach, collaborative design process, and commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. With Aris Energy, you’ll experience convenience and value as our installers visit your home, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your needs. We prioritize punctuality and cleanliness during installation, and expertly manage grid connection. We are always happy to address your concerns, showcased by our positive customer experiences and testimonials. Our competitive prices, knowledgeable sales team, and focus on after-sales service ensure a seamless experience. Transparency, professionalism, and open communication define our commitment to you.

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Our Teams Qualifications and Certificates

As a listed electrician or contractor with the ECB you can be assured that we are at the forefront of the electrical sector, working closely with The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and other industry bodies. Along with the ECB we promote legally compliant products and services, awareness of electrical safety issues and technical competence through training.

At Aris Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd we are qualified as certified (Photovoltaic)PV Green card installers by having successfully completed the relevant SAPVIA exams.

The PV Green Card has been developed to promote safe and high-quality Solar PV installations. The PV Green Card Programme focuses on education, skills development, and training to build installer capacity as well as improve standards development and compliance in line with international best practice.

The Green Solar Academy is associated with the German Solar Energy Society (DGS). The DGS has a large footprint in Africa with multiple academies. The Green Solar Academy aims to equip solar installers through practical and theoretical training.

Our team takes pride in having completed the following courses with The Green Solar Academy:
– Super Solar School
– Commercial Designer and Installer
– Financial Solar Modeling

Working at heights training is important as our team are often required to complete installs on the rooftops of multiple story buildings. Working at heights training aims to provide learners with the required skills to reduce accidents and be able to perform rescues when working at heights. We strictly require our team to be equipped with harnesses where possible when working at heights. Our team have completed the following courses:
– Basic Fall Arrest Operator
– Fall Arrest Technician

Solar installations often involve working in hazardous environments where accidents are prone to happen. At Aris Energy we value the health and safety of our team and therefore have sent our team members to complete both Level 1 and Level 2 first aid training in order to offer the best support to injured team members in case of an emergency.