Commercial Solar Solutions

At Aris Energy, we specialize in high-quality commercial solar installations that drive efficiency, cut costs, and boost sustainability. Our expert team tailors solar solutions to meet the unique energy needs of businesses like yours. From initial assessment to seamless installation and ongoing maintenance, we ensure a hassle-free experience.


The Start of Your Commercial Solar Journey

At Aris Energy, we understand that every business has unique energy needs. That’s why our commercial solar solutions are meticulously tailored to deliver optimal performance and maximum savings. Our team of qualified technicians is well-versed in all industry requirements, ensuring safety and legal compliance throughout the installation process. With a commitment to perfection, we leave no room for compromise. From the very beginning, we use the highest quality products known for their efficiency and effectiveness, rigorously tested and tried. We continuously strive to stay ahead of industry changes and developments, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the best practices and methods. Trust Aris Energy to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that deliver outstanding results for your commercial solar needs. Talk to our team about a phase approach or financing options to reduce your initial capital layout.

How It Works

1. Assessment

Our team will perform a thorough site inspection and install a device which monitors electricity usage over a period of time while keeping your energy goals in mind. The data collected will be used to tailor a detailed installation model to fit your unique energy needs.

2. Proposal

A comprehensive proposal tailored to your needs will be prepared by our team. The proposal will include a detailed cost and design model accompanied by a ROI calculation. Our team will also provide you with information on additional savings such as available tax rebates.

3. Installation

Our team of experienced solar technicians and electricians will seamlessly bring your solar plant to life. We ensure that our teams adhere to legal and safety regulations and possess the necessary skills and technicalities to perform every task at hand.

4. After Sale Services

Aris Energy takes pride in its comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring customer satisfaction even after the installation is complete. We offer ongoing support, system maintenance, and the flexibility to accommodate future additions or expansions to your solar system, ensuring your energy needs are met in the long run.


Discover answers to commonly asked questions about our solar, electrical, and gas installation and repair services. From installation procedures to the advantages of renewable energy, our FAQs cover a broad range of topics.

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During the day, the solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which can be directly utilized to power homes, businesses, or other electrical loads. Any excess energy generated beyond immediate needs is stored in batteries. This stored energy is then available for use during periods when solar production is low or at night when sunlight is not available. The battery backup ensures a consistent power supply, even when solar energy production is limited. This combination of solar energy generation and battery storage allows for a reliable and uninterrupted power source, reducing dependence on the grid and promoting sustainability.