Achieve Optimal Energy Efficiency with Aris Energy Solutions

Achieve Optimal Energy Efficiency with Aris Energy Solutions

At Aris Energy Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive energy management and efficiency consulting services. Our primary goal is to create a tailored plan that reduces your current electricity usage. Once we’ve optimized your energy consumption, we explore the integration of renewable energy sources. By meticulously monitoring your building’s energy consumption, we develop proposals to achieve a more efficient load profile. Here’s how our services can benefit your business:

1. Energy Efficiency Optimisation

Formulate a Protocol for Optimised Energy Consumption Our first step is to optimise your current energy consumption, increasing efficiency and reducing usage. This involves:

Upgrading to More Efficient Appliances: Appliances with an A+ rating are 10% more efficient than their A-rated counterparts.

1.1 Air Conditioning

Inverter Aircons: Replace traditional fixed-speed compressor air conditioners with inverter air conditioners. Inverter aircons adjust their speed according to the cooling demand, which significantly reduces energy consumption compared to fixed-speed units.

1.2 Geysers

Smaller Geyser Elements: Use smaller elements to heat the geyser, reducing the energy required.

Timers: Install timers to ensure the geyser operates only when necessary, preventing continuous heating.

Optimized Heating Schedule: Adjust the geyser heating schedule to daytime hours to align with solar energy production, maximizing the use of renewable energy.

1.3 Lighting

LED Lighting: Replace incandescent lamps with energy-saving LEDs, which use up to 90% less energy than conventional lamps.

Timer Switches: Utilize timer switches to prevent lights from shining unnecessarily, further conserving energy.

1.4 Pool Pumps and Boreholes

Efficient Pumps: Use energy-efficient pumps and install timer switches. Run pool pumps during the daytime if solar energy is available.

Seasonal Operation: Operate pool pumps for 8 hours daily in summer and 4 hours daily in winter to optimize energy use.

Reserve Water Tanks: Install reserve water tanks to store borehole water for night-time use, ensuring efficient water management.

2. Reduce Maximum Demand

Strategically Reduce Maximum Demand

We help reduce your maximum demand by:

Staggering Equipment Start Times: Use efficient equipment and timers to stagger start times, preventing simultaneous operation and lowering peak demand.

Maximum Demand Controllers: Employ maximum demand controllers to disconnect non-essential loads, ensuring that your maximum contracted power is not exceeded.

3. Load Profile Optimization

Optimize Load Profile with Solar Power

After equipping your building with solar power, we recommend shifting more energy-intensive tasks to daytime hours to fully capitalize on solar energy production. This shift not only maximizes the use of renewable energy but also further reduces electricity costs.

Why Choose Aris Energy Solutions?

Aris Energy Solutions is dedicated to helping businesses achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability. Our expert team provides personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal energy management and cost savings. By focusing on both immediate efficiency improvements and long-term renewable energy integration, we help you create a more sustainable future.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your energy consumption and achieve significant savings. With Aris Energy Solutions, the future of efficient energy management is within your reach.