Do you want to feed excess energy onto the City of Tshwane’s grid?

Do you want to feed excess energy onto the City of Tshwane’s grid?

MMC for Utilities and Regional Operations and Coordination, Cllr Themba Fosi, urges residents to come forward and register.

In an official statement, the City of Tshwane recently informed residents who want to feed excess energy to the City’s grid about the mandatory registration on the City’s database.

Residents who have installed embedded generation systems like solar photovoltaics, waste to energy, energy storage, petroleum generators, and bidirectional electricity meters are welcome to feed excess electricity back into the City’s grid.

This process, however, requires approval from the City and can only be allowed for registered embedded generation customers with installed bidirectional meters. It is very important to note that unauthorised feeding of electricity poses safety risks and potential legal liabilities.

The city is currently developing a crediting process for customers who want to feed excess energy to the City’s grid. Electricity tariffs for consumption and reverse feed are reviewed annually and implemented at the beginning of each financial year on 1 July.

Information on the registration process can be accessed by contacting

The City of Tshwane continues to pursue long-term interventions to ensure that it provides basic services to all its residents in a legal and sustainable manner. This includes launching an Energy Task Team, who is looking at alternative electricity solutions, including renewable energy and power from independent power producers.

They urge all residents to adhere to these guidelines for safe and efficient electricity management in Tshwane.

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