How to protect your business from loadshedding and power outages in 2024

Aris energy: How to protect your business from loadshedding and power outages in 2024

How to protect your business from loadshedding and power outages in 2024

Loadshedding and power outages have unfortunately become synonymous with South Africa, and if forecasts are to be believed, it is not ending soon. Businesses in our country are hard-hit by its effects, as it is not just about the power being out, but also a continuous increase in electricity tariffs.

Although it may seem that there (literally) isn’t a light at the end of this very dark tunnel, there are ways for business owners to overcome this problem, and even thrive. Here’s how:

Invest in energy long term by partnering with a trusted energy solution provider

It is a no-brainer for businesses in the current economic climate in South Africa to strategise differently when it comes to energy supply in the long term. Partner with a proven and experienced company that can transform your energy usage holistically, sustainably, and efficiently. This will enable money to be spent more wisely and efficiently and reduce cost wastage.

Determine where you can improve energy usage in your business.

Wasting power is a big issue for businesses. Before having to spend too much money on backup and alternative power solutions, first determine where your business can improve efficient electricity usage. These are changes you can make immediately: Create a culture of awareness in workers and employees and see where less electricity can be used.

Audit your current energy consumption

Understanding the pattern of your business’ electricity usage will help you make an informed decision on what your backup and alternative power solutions should be. Start with an audit of your power consumption, which will assist in making more efficient decisions.
Strategise wisely and plan the way forward
Now that you have determined how your business consumes electricity and where that can be improved an optimised, you can plan the way forward with an efficient backup power and alternative energy strategy. This will help you decide on what your business needs now, as well as what the most effective long-term plan is.

Implement your chosen solutions and monitor your usage consistently.

Remember that when you have decided on your solution, it is very important to monitor its effects on your business as to understand where to optimize in future when needed. Solar has become the most effective way for businesses to improve their energy efficiency as it’s becoming increasingly affordable, is more reliable, and quieter than generators!


As a business owner, it is vital to consider thinking smarter about energy consumption. Not only could this make a significant difference to your bottom line, but it will also give you a competitive advantage in the long-term.

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